About Us

Coleraine Property Management is a company that specializes in managing properties throughout New Zealand. The companyProperty Management team is one that is involved, reliable, committed and flexible in their duties. We believe that this approach is the best to build a strong and effective relationship with our clients. Coleraine Property Management offers our clients a range of management services ranging from residential property management to commercial properties. We also offer holiday home management incorporating property insurance handled by professional real estate consultants. Finally, we work in commercial sectors offering body corporate management.
The residential properties management division is one extending its services across different areas of New Zealand including Auckland from Waiheke Island to Pukeohe. Our project portfolio holds more than 1,600 managed residential properties indicating high levels of experience; as well as approximately 20 specialist rental property managers working with the company. If you are searching for a results-focused property management company to offer a high-quality solution, then look no further!
Property ManagementThe body corporate division includes 8 separate corporate managers who provide services to more than 185 corporations across New Zealand. At the Auckland property management center, we pride ourselves on offering a highly reputable and unique service for personalized client portfolios. It is integrity, skill, persistence and experience that shapes the service offered and the team available.
Coleraine Property Management’s commercial division is one focused on servicing clients ranging from smaller commercial property investors to large real estate consumers. We find it essential to maintain total flexibility in our approach so that we can tailor the service according to a client’s specific needs.
After our extension of the management services to the Waiheke Island, we soon realized that there was a strong need for holiday home rental management. This resulted in the opening of a holiday home property management division on the Island offering services for holiday rental management.
Extreme Realty is a company that works with Coleraine Property Management; however, Extreme Realty focuses on sales. This is useful for the clients who are looking to sell investment real estate or for investors who are keen to increase their property portfolio.